Monday, March 10, 2014

March 4, 2014-Sweetwater, FL

Okay guys guess what? IM TRANSFERRING!!! That means I am finally leaving my first area. It is really unusual for a missionary to be in an area for six months. It is really exciting and Nerve Wracking at the same time. We dont know where I'm going yet I think thats what I am most nervous about!! All missionaries that are leaving there area find out together in this big room on a projector where they put each name up individually and there are a lot of gasps and shocks!:)) EXCITING. But I will definitly miss this area. Being here for so long made me love my ward so much!! They are like my second family now. I remember first being here and not knowing who anyone was and not knowing anyones name and now I love going to church and saying Hi to everyone!:)) It's something I am going to miss. and also I finally learned how to drive in this area and how to get home which is a pretty intense task if you know how bad I am with directions haha:) But anyways so This week the Bishop asked us to go see a bunch of less active people in the church and of course we said sure!! We put the address in the GPS and happily go on our way. There we are driving along listening and singing along to the christmas CD of David Archuleta (which I am seriously done with and never want to listen to again after listening to it for a week straight) and then we start to notice that the area looks a little different. I think to myself, hmm, I've never seen this area before I guess this is just on our border, oh well, and then we see  this HUGE BUILDING (which ended up being the Marlins Stadium) and I just look and my companion and my companion looks at me with big eyes and goes, "We are OUT OF OUR ZONE!!" ...
Okay let me explain as missionaries we are given an area and we are not supposed to go out of that area but sometimes we can go out of it for certain stuff but then we have a zone area and you are NOT supposed to go out of your Zone without permission so its really bad if you do. okay back to the story...
...I start freaking out like, "WHAT? what do I do? Do I turn? Sister!!"
My companion, " Sister Turn around, Turn AROUND, TURN AROUND!"
Me, " I can't, I can't, I can't!" 
We were only a couple blocks out of our zone but we were freaking out so much it seemed like we had run over somethihng haha:) anyways as we are finally entering back into our zone we calm down a little and I say to my companion, "and thats why we dont give the car to Sister Miles"
:) Hope you guys have a GREAT WEEK!!!!! I know I will:)) I love you!! I ll let you know where I'm going next week!
Hurrah For Israel.
Love Hermana Miles
P.S. Transfer Miracles coming next week!

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