Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014-Hialeah, FL

Okay guess what guys??? I GOT SENT TO HIALEAH!!!!!! SPANISH SPEAKING!!!!! I am so excited!!! When I first found out I was so surprised I couldnt believe it!! But this area is so AWESOME!! The first day that I had here was increadible!! I couldn't believe it. The people here are just so ready for the gospel. My companion is so awesome too!! Her name is Sister Ware and she is from Washington and I love her!!:) We have a blast together just doing missionary work:) So the first day that I was here was amazing. We went and visited this referral from the Elders and we saw the grandma and the grandkid and they were so excited for church and to get baptized. Then the next day we visited her and her sister was there and when we taught about Joseph Smith her sister got really excited and told her see?? I told you:) Turns out that back in her country she had gone to church a couple times and had loved it and had seen the missionaries and when she saw the Book of Mormon on her sisters table she got really excited. she was so happy when we handed her her very own Book of Mormon and told her she could keep it. Then on the first day we were knocking doors and this lady comes out and loves the prayers and says that she is coming to church even if she had to walk there:) We assured her that we would love for her to come and we even had a ride for her:) The ward here is awesome! When we went to the church that first night the chapel was filled with life I couldn't fit it all into my head. It was like in those movies where you go somewhere and so many things are happening at the same time the person gets overwhelmed (does that make sense) Like in one room the Young women where practicing a song and then in another room the Relief Soceity was having a lesson and then people where talking in the foyer and then the Boy scouts where cutting wood in the kitchen! My  eyes where probably so big I couldn't take it all in! I just realized I like used the word awesome multiple times in this email but there is seriously no other word to explain it. AND the members come out with us and drive us to places! I love them. and oh man! Do they feed us! I love the food so much! Its so delicious!! Im so excited! And then we went to the flea market today that we have in our area and will you believe that they have corn on the cob with chile!!!:)) I couldnt believe it and raspado!! We are so goign there every week now:) Well I love you guys! I had a great week! Thank you for all your prayers!:) 
Love Hermana Miles
P.S. I love speaking spanish!

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