Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 28 2014, Sweetwater FL

My companion is leaving me!!!! So transfer calls were last night and our Zone leaders call us and start telling us where every one is going. We are next and they go, " Sister Johnson....Leaving....Sister Miles....Staying and Training!" My mouth drops open, I started to hyperventilate, my eyes got really wide, and I was about to burst into tears thinking,"Im not ready to train! I just finished training!!" when all of a sudden we find out IT WAS A FAKE TRANSFER CALL!!! Those elders think they are so funny -_- They are not. But turns out I am staying but I am NOT training:) but my companion is leaving:(( I am so sad. I only got one transfer with her (six weeks) and it seems like we just got used to each other and now she is leaving. But it is okay I guess I still have work to do and people to find in this area. This week we found such an elect person! JOE!!:) He is so cool. He lived in New York his whole life and then came down here for the last couple of years. He had some problems with drugs in his past life but he decided that he needed to change his life so he had been staying clean for 75 days!!:)) He is so ready to change his life and is so repentant. He really is willing to put his trust and life in God's hands and he is great. We were teaching him and he pulls out this cigarette and asks if we mind him smoking in front of us and we both smile at each other and pull the cigarette and lighter out of his hands and ask him if there are any more cigarettes he would like to give us:) He goes into his house and comes out with this HUGE BAG of like 40-50 packs of cigarettes and hands them over and says that he is going to try to live the Word of Wisdom. We were so happy. We continue with the lesson telling him what a great choice he is making and how this is going to change his life and how happy Heavenly Father is with him when all of a sudden he says, "Wait I have to go back inside for something." He goes inside and comes outside with two packs of cigarettes and gives them to us with like the saddest face ever saying, " I kept two but I started to feel bad. Here you go." hahaha:) We love him already! He is getting baptized for sure:) Love you guys thanks for all the letters and email. Hope you week goes as good as mine:)
Hermana Miles
P.S. Maybe I'll take a picture of the bag of cigarettes and send it to you guys:)
P.P.S. We were talking to our recent convert Guillermo and my companion told him that he needed to find himself a mormon wife and then he said, "Yeah and have mormon babies" hahaha The. Best. Ever.

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