Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13 2014, Sweetwater FL

Miracle upon miracle this week guys!! Its crazy! My companion and I were trying to figure out what we did this week to deserve these many blessing this week! But we are definitely not complaining:) The biggest miracle that we had was meeting Guillermo! This is his story (Dun, dun dun!!) <---Get it? No? Its cool...So Guillermo is a guy that had had missionaries when he was younger, like 20 years ago, and he had not really listened to them or come to church. Slowly he saw that his life was missing something as he grew older and his life was falling apart. He fell into some bad stuff and his life really took a bad turn. Then a couple of years later he saw on Facebook  and he went on the website started looking at the videos and loved them! He then went to and started listening to the Book of Mormon online! BY HIMSELF!! With NO ONE To PUSH HIM!! That is amazing!! He had been doing this for a year when He had a dream about himself climbing up a tree and then he sees the sun and then he realized that the sun is God and then he just feels an overwhelming feeling of love! My companion and I thought this was interesting since it's kind of similar to Lehi's Dream:)) and the Guillermo continued to have these dreams about himself getting BAPTIZED IN OUR CHURCH!! AHH!!! He is so solid! He finally calls the elders, who directs him to us, and we start teaching him, or rather he asks questions and then answers them himself!:) He knows so much already about the plan of salvation! Family History work! Baptism for the dead! and then when we ever did answer a question he would just say, "OF COURSE!! that makes sense!" I love this guy!!! haha:) He came to church and felt of the spirit and is so solid to get baptized!! This is a true miracle!!! Heavenly Father is so kind to us for letting us be a part of his work especially with Guillermo! Heavenly Father prepared him so much that all we have to do is fill up his font with water:) This guy is so prepared for the church and can already feel of the love that our savior has for him and how proud Heavenly Father is of him. That was the biggest miracle this week but we had plenty more!! One of our investigators decided to get rid of a bunch of clothes and they were my size!!! all of them!!! yay!!! She thought we were doing her a favor but in reality it was like going shopping!!! I have so much new clothes now!! and after only four months of wearing the same clothes over and over again I was starting to get a little bored of my outfits!!! Who knew that Heavenly Father cares about us so much that he even decided to help us feel happy about our outfits;) Also my ward has been so nice and so great this whole time! They have been so welcoming and I am really growing to love them so much! Did I tell you guys that my companion is 5'10! as tall as taylor swift!!!!! Lets just say that people tell us apart by calling us the tall one and the little one:) haha:)

Love Hermana Miles

P.S. My companion is awesome too!!! MIRACLE UPON MIRACLE!!!
p.s.s. My comp and I cant get this Alicia Keys song out of our heads
p.s.s.s. So we were trying to show guillermo how his baptism would go and we were showing him the example and I was the one getting baptized and my comp was baptizing me and she almost dropped big deal...comp unity:) haha

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