Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21 2014, Sweetwater FL

Okay so today was an awesome week!! Guillermo got BAPTIZED!!! He was so excited but so nervous about the baptism. He kept on asking us, "So how many people are coming to my baptism?" So when he finally went into the water was put in and then got back up out of the water he said "thats it?" and was so excited and happy and hugged the elder that had baptized him:) It was like in those Missionary movies you always see:) He was so happy and he also got confirmed that same day too:) He said that during the blessing he felt so warm and happy. I was so excited for him! So something funny that happened this week was my companion and I were visiting a less active and there was this cheese sausage thing that you get for christmas and my companion was playing with one of the cheeses that was packaged up with plastic and the cheese kind of looked really gross and she accidentally opened the plastic and it sprayed into the Less actives eye and she said, "AHhh! It got into my mouth!!"haha:) My companion was of course mortified and I was just there laughing:) It was the best! 
Love you guys hope everything is going great. 

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