Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3 2014-Sweetwater, FL

This week, guys, was CRAZY!
I know I say that every week but this time I have crazy stuff:) So first off:) Our new investigator Joe is progressing so great!! He is the one that gave us the huge bag of cirgarettes! (which I have a picture of) and He came to church!! ALL THREE HOURS! and loved !:)) We are so excited to have him get baptized next week and he seems really solid. He has been having a little bit of trouble with quitting smoking and during gospel principles in church Joe made a comment about how he's been having a hard time and our recent convert Guillermo( the one baptized two weeks ago) commented and helped him out and encouraged him and gave him some really good advice!! It was so awesome to see these two people to be able to progress so much. So this Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and I was able to see Rena give her testimony. I have told you about rena. She and her husband JT got married and baptized  the first week I came out to Florida. I have been able to see them progress and even go to the Temple to do baptisms for the dead!:)) It was awesome to hear her testimony and here how much the gospel has blessed her life. It  really helped me to see how much the gospel is able to bless peoples lives. Rena and JT love the gospel so much that every week they bring someone new and now JT's brother is baptized too! they are such great missionaries. Also the next big thing....I GOT A NEW COMPANION!!! I took over my area again! but it went way better this time:) I wasn't as nervous and I am kind of glad I got to stay because I am really starting to love the members here. So her name is Sister Herrera and she is from TEXAS and she says y'all a lot which I could get used to:) hahaha she is half puerto rican and half mexican and it looks like I am going to learn a lot from her:) and I am so excited to be able to become a better missionary from all the things she  can teach me. The next little tiny news that is no big deal. I kind of might of gotten into a fender bender with a member while pulling out after church...haha hopefully they don't take my driving privileges away since my companion doesn't have a license because then we would be on bikes, but I dont think that they will do that:)  I will send you a guys a picture of the dent in the car. Honestly its not that bad and the District leader just laughed at me so it can't be that bad...right? :) Hope you guys had a great week and can't wait to hear how it went from your side:) Love you! Thanks for reading my posts!

Love Hermana Miles

P.S. Lets go do some good:)

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