Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 8, 2014-Doral South

So!! We finally met the new mission president and We LOVE Him!!! He is sooo awesome and he is exactly what this mission needed!:) We are so excited to see how much the mission is going to progress with him!!! Also he said that our mission will be getting Ipads by the end of the year!!! Crazy!! We are all really excited for that! We feel like it will really help us our alot to have the ipads to show investigators videos and to have a map online of the members! We are excited!!!! 

So this week we have been having a Lot of rain and man! is it humid or what!!!! Sometimes I feel like i cant even take in a big breath! It just feels like im drowning a little bit inside every time we step outside but thats okay! hahha no big deal. Anyways So This week we will be baptizing Sofia!! the ten year old of a family who are members! We are so excited!!! We love her so much! She is just so excited to learn about church and she is so excited for her baptism this Sat.! The only problem is that my companion wont be there because we just got transfer calls and we just found out that she is leaving and Im staying!! oh and also IM TRAINING!!!! AHHH!!!! I cant believe it!!I I am so scared and excited and nervous all at the same time!!! We will be meeting them tomorrow so I will tell you all about my trainee next monday!

So our house has been having a bit of a cockroach problem (its bad...its really bad) and we have been spraying the house a lot trying to get rid of them and we thought we had finally won the battle but today one of the girls that we live with was walking into the house and starts screaming hysterically and we were like, "come on sister, we have all seen cockroaches a lot already you shouldnt be making that big of a deal about it..." and then all of us went to go see the cockroach and we all ran out of the house screaming!!! It was the biggest cockroach i have ever seen in my life!! None of us could face it! Finally one of the sisters got a can of spray and just started spraying in the general direction of the cockroach getting insecticide EVERYWHERE!! IT was a mess but it finally died!! (after a couple of seizures from the poison...poor thing)

Anyways  back to  missionary work :) This week we were really praying about trying to find someone that would be able to come to sacrament and we werent finding anyone. But me and sister lightheart were not to be discouraged! We continued on in faith and during sacrament this random family walks in!!!! We had to idea who they were! Turns out that they had been someone we had a said a prayer with but we did not remember them one bit!! We tried to play it off all cool just greeting them with "Hermana How are you??" hahaha but it was awsome they said that they loved church and we are going to try to meet with them some time this week! Also later on we finally remembered who they were!!! They were this family that we had prayed with TWO WEEKS AGO!! and they had said they wouldnt be able to come to church this sunday but next sunday for sure. and we were like, "yeah sure, everyone says that" BUT they actually came!!!:))) Man!! God is Good!
Well I love you guys!!!!
Love Hermana Miles
p.s. Pray for me that i dont get eaten by cockroaches....

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