Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 18 2014-Sweetwater, FL

Happy Valentines day!!!! I hope you guys all a great one! Its kind of fun being a missionary during holidays because everytime you greet someone you can just be like heres a card and then just say, "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!" I think I must have said it like a million times that day. My companion must have thought I loved valentines day haha. So one day while we were knocking doors we ran into this lady who invited us in. It turned out that she had been baptized in our church before. But then she proceded to tell us about how she was also Jehovah Witness, Seventh Day Adventist, Catholic, Baptist and now she is protistant. Well I guess she couldn't decided:)This week we didn't have any investigators really commiting to church so we deciding to go knock on some potentials doors during round up. We knock on the first door at like ten oh clock and they come out all sleepy eyed saying, "Hey sorry we are asleep" Of course you have to act like this is the weirdest thing ever so that they feel bad so me and my companion where like, "REALLY!??? Oh man!?? Thats crazy! We are so sorry for ringing your doorbell four times and pounding on the door till you opened it. Sorry we didnt know you were asleep. But look at that! YOU'RE Awake now! You can come to church." It didn't really work though. Each one of them fell through so we decided to go and contact some people in the neighboorhood right next to the church to invitie them to come to church that day. We were going up to people and saying, "Hey want to come to church with us? Its in like five mintues you don't even have to change! You look great! Lets go! Right after you finish putting the grocerys away or washing the car." haha:) It was kind of fun! Me and my companion really tried to put that faith and dedication into the work we knew that we would receive blessings for trying our hardest to get people to church. What is the miracle you ask?? Well we didn't get any investigators to church that day BUT during a lesson in the evening with a potential investigator we had a really spiritual lesson and we found out that her son had just turned eight that day! and he wanted to stay for the lesson! He was playing a game on an ipad at first but slowly and surely he starting listening and then he would put little comments in here and there:) IT was really cool to see how much he was listening and really understanding:)  We definitaley know that this was a huge miracle from our Heavenly Father and we felt so blessed for it. Well Guys I hope you are doing fantastic!! you know I love you! Have a great week!!! and Happy late Valentines Day!! I hope it was fantastic!

Hermana Miles

P.S. So our next door neighboor knows we are mormon missionaries and he asked us how our valentiens day went and then he just laughed and said or lack thereof... No big deal I asked my companion to be my valentine and gave her a cookie anyways:D

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