Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11-Sweetwater, FL

Hey guys:) 
This week was awesome ( do I say that every week?) So this week my companion and I witnessed a miracle! We hadn't really been having any success finding new investigators lately so we were really struggling but we were harvesting one day and we knock on this door and this guy opens it. At first he seems a little hesitant to accept the prayer. He was scared we had a gun or something and we were going to rob him. ( everybody always tell us this, do we look that scary?) So once we finally convince him that we are not gangsters or thieves he lets us in and invites his mom to the prayer. Once we say the prayer miracles happen!:) His whole countenance changed! It was like nothing I had ever seen before. He was so happy that we had come and he told us that he never invites anyone in and he told us that he is a retired cook. AND THEN HE INVITED US TO THANKSGIVING!! YAY!! Only like minutes after meeting us! We told him we had not been invited to any thanksgivings of course even though we might or might not have three thanksgivings to attend but it doesn't matter I can just stuff it all in I don't care haha:) Also we were able to serve a lot this week and a loved it! I really love helping these people because it helps me to love them even more:) Its like a never ending cycle of love! We were helping this lady move and she had some book worms in her old books! I NEVER KNEW BOOK WORMS WERE REAL! WHO KNEW!! I am learning so much! haha:D
 Some of these people have nothing but they are so willing to give of everything they have to each other and to us because they understand the love of Christ. Just being here I have learned so much of how I want to change my own character and how I want my household to be and how I want my children to act and how to raise them. I am so happy to be serving my loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ!:) Hurrah for ISRAEL! :) haha maybe that was little to much:) oh well
P.S. Do you guys remember that line in God's Army where the senior companion always says "Lets go do some good" before they go out the door everyday and then at the end the Junior companion says it:)?? Well I say it everyday now, and when I train I am going to do it to my trainee and then wait till she says it and then my life will be just like a movie!! ...Anyways I love you guys with all my heart!:) I hope you don't think I am too weird!:D
Love Hermana Miles
Servant of the Lord.

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