Monday, September 15, 2014

September 8, 2014-Doral South

Hey guys!:) Sorry this week the blog post will be a little short but things have been going so good! We have been able to see so many miracles especially with Amelia! She is so amazing!:)) We love her so much!!! We had assigned her Alma 32 for her to read talking all about faith. And we went and visited her and she right away told us, "So i think my little seed of faith is growing!" I was so happy when she said that because one, it meant she actually did her reading which i dont know why i would even doubt that she didn't because she reads the Book of Mormon every night! she loves it. And two that she understood what the chapter was saying and she applied it to herself!:) It is so amazing to be able to see people grow more and more in the gospel! The members here are so kind! I love them so much! They are so humble and willing to help anyone in anyway. The Venezuelan family that we are teaching are having a little bit of a hard time and all the members have come together to help them! Its amazing to see the effort that they have put to help a family they don't even really know!:) That is the pure love of Christ and I am so grateful that I have had to opportunity to witness that. I have offically hit my year mark! I only have six months left which is crazy to me! I cant believe it! I still feel like i just got here like three months. We have been teaching one of our investigators English and she is so cute!:) she studies like 3 hours every day and she wants to do so well so bad!! She got a B on her test in the beginning of the week and came back so disappointed! she wanted an A so bad! so on thurs. she had a test that covered everything and she was so nervous! We went over to help with any last minute confusions that she might have and then shared a message with her about how is she is giving her all, Heavenly Father makes us the rest! She calmed down so much after that. She calls us the next day ecstatic!!! She said she got an A on her test!:) and that the minute she found out she thought, The sister must have been praying for me:) shes so cute!:)) anyways that all for this week:) I love you! and I hope everything is going good:) and if it isnt dont worry, Heavenly Father always makes up the rest;)
Hermana Miles

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