Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014-Miami Shores North

Hey everyone!!!!! 
So yesterday was Mothers Day!!! and I got to talk to my parents on Skype!! (So I only get to Skype them on Christmas and Mothers day and for the rest of the year I only get to email them) So yesterday was pretty exciting! It felt like Christmas!!!! haha:) But this week was pretty awesome! This week we are still teaching Kelly and her family:) We love them so much! She says that she is recognizing a peace that has entered her home ever since we started coming over to teach her and she loves it! and her son even said that he recognizes how the prayer that we said is helping him!:) We are so excited for them that they are recognizing the spirit! They just seem so much happier now!! 
Since its mothers day our investigators went out of town or went to go visit there mothers so they didn't come to church yesterday so me and my companion where kind of bummed. As we walk into the chapel we see a less active that hadn't come in 15 years!!! and she had a 10 year old son who hadn't been baptized!!! MIracle!! I was all happy thanking Heavenly Father for letting them come! Then while sitting in Sacrament someone taps my shoulder and I turn around...and a member had brought her friend who wasn't a member!!!!! ahh!!!! I was like oh man Heavenly Father loves us so much! I couldn't believe it! I was so happy! My companion and I were all happy after sacrament when suddenly a member comes up to us and says, "This man just walked in on his own and he's not a member and says he interested in learning more, I would go over and talk to him." My companion and I were like What is happening??? Investigators are raining from the sky! Its a mothers day miracle!!! Then we go talk to him and he asks, "So where can we pay tithing?" and we thought he just wanted to see it and was curious so we showed him the little envelopes and he says, "okay Im ready to do that" grabs one and starts writing on it. You should have seen the look on my companions face and my face! haha:) He must of thought we were weird I am pretty sure my eyes where like wide open the whole time! haha Anyways that was the awesome miracle for this week!!:))
So my companion figured out that I am pretty jumpy and get scared at pretty much anything so she has been scaring me with little things here and there and I finally decided it was payback time. After I finished my nightly prayers I waiting until she finished her prayers (I was going to scare her during her prayers but I figured I didn't want to get struck by lightening for not being reverent hahaha)  and then she got in her bed and I crawled over the quietest I could, I was crawling  and like slithering on the floor (it took like five minutes to go five feet because I was trying not to make a sound) and then I stood up with a toy dinarsour in my hand  trying my hardest to hold in my laughter, and I attack her face with the toy dinarsour that we had! haha:) She got so scared!!!! I am pretty sure she has some revenge planned for me but I have something in mind to get her back for anything she has for me;)

Love you!
Hermana Miles

p.s. god loves you!

P.S.S.  you should watch this video!!!!

P.S.S.S. I forgot! Okay so this week we were in a not so good neighborhood and we were walking and this guy comes walking close to us and we are like, "Hey! how are you?? We are representatives of Jesus Christ. Can we say a prayer for you?" And he is all awkward and is like, "Nope, not right now" and I was about to start testifying and then I see in his hands like four movies (that aren't movies that you would feel the spirit of Heavenly Father with you if you watched them and they definitely are not allowed from the strength of Youth) and I was like oh man awkward... and then my Companion saw them but she didn't see what they were exactly and I was like trying to make eye contact with her saying like, "Don't mention the videos! don't mention the videos! (with my eyes of course not saying it out loud) but that didn't work so she was like "Hey are you going to go watc---(and this is when she realized what they were so she tried to change to subject) Go hang out with some friends?" hahahha I was laughing so much!!! She felt so awkward we just handed him a card and said Jesus loves you!:) anyways I love you guys:) and Jesus does too:)

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