Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21 - Sweetwater, FL

Hey guys!!:) 
This week wasn't that excited. I got to go to Chile's! An investigator took me and my companion. OH! and there was a wedding and a baptism of a couple called Rena and JT! They were the cutest! I loved it so much! I had never been to like an actual wedding so it was really cool to see! It was like just in the movies!! WHO KNEW!! Anyways their baptism was really special. They are awesome. So my companion and I go play basketball every morning for exercise and I am getting pretty good guys! Watch out WNBA! WOOH! Just kidding you guys should already know that I am like the absolute worst but it's okay it's really fun to do instead of just running. And plus we have become like best friends with the guy that opens the gates in the morning so we don't have to jump the fence anymore...not like we did in the beginning...Haha:) Anyways. This week has been awesome! We had a mission conference with Dallin H.Oaks! It was so awesome. It was like a celebrity was here. It was so cool I got to shake his hand! I GOT TO SHAKE THE HAND OF AN APOSTLE OF GOD! It was crazy! anyways...There was an investigator that started coming to church because she watches the SHAYTARDS on youtube! It was really cool! Someone should go email them and tell them good job on the missionarywork:) Well that's pretty much it guys. This week wasn't that exciting. Maybe next week will be more exciting. So SHOUT OUT TIME!! WOOT WOOT!! AMY (not my own cousin  but the other amy) WROTE ME!! Maybe I shouldn't shout out everyone who writes me, maybe that will encourage them not to write me, hm... haha oh well. Love you guys!! WRITE ME!
Love Hermana Miles, Doing the Lords work one knock on the door at a time.
p.s. Dogs are evil.

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