Monday, September 23, 2013

September 17 from Provo, Utah, MTC

Hey everyone!! Everything is going great here in the MTC. I have had so many different experiences! I have been here only for a week now but I feel like I have been here for a month! I don't even remember that there is a real world out there. My district is great! I love them so much!!! I have grown to love these people so much in the last week more than I thought I would ever be able to love someone in such a short amount of time. My companion is Hermana Garcia! she is great!:) I love her so much. We complement each other really well like a ying and yang relationship. She is more outgoing and I am more quiet but it works really well when we are teaching or roleplaying with investigators. Learning the Gospel in Spanish has been so hard but I am learning so many word and I have memorized the first vision in Spanish! yay!!!:) Yesterday we had to go to the TRC as a district and it was really difficult because we were going as a district with all 12 of us trying to teach him and he was being a difficult investigator himself, but in this lesson even though he was arguing with us and I knew that he was acting I felt such love for him and I was able to feel a little bit of the love that our Heavenly Father as for him and the love that Jesus Christ has for him. I am finally understanding a little bit more each day was Jesus Christ really did for us and how much he must have loved each every one of us to be willing to do the Atonment for us. I am feeling more and more grateful for his love everyday and am just excited to go out into the field and help others understand that JESUS LOVES YOU!!! not in a creepy way of course and hopefully I dont yell it at them but I just really want to get out there. We heard on Sunday a talk given by David Bednar titled the Character of Christ is was so good it really changed my view of my whole entire life and it helped me to be at peace with my calling and going to Florida and now I am just so excited. I would recommend it to you guys! or not its cool haha:) anways my teachers are cool one is native and went to salt lake on his mission and the other is not native and went to Spain so he talks with a weird lisp its kind of weird anyways! I love you guys! whoever reads this!:) I have run out of time ( I finally understand what this means) BYE!! 
your Darling Darla

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